Leather chaps

Item: Leather chaps

Size: M, L, XL, XXL

Made in Pakistan

Organic Cow Leather Product

Delivery Lead time: depends on order

Size can be customized

Delivery across the world.

Please email if you are interested: info@leatherworld.org

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leather chaps womens when made up of genuine leather is indeed a nice thing to have. Womens leather chaps is very beneficial product for women when they are going to have biking session.

They are extremely nice in quality with all the separate spaces created.

It is used to protect the legs when you are riding a horse or riding motorcycle. Normally heavy bikers or Harley riders use these so that they can give some extra security to the body which indeed can be fruitful at times. It can be wore on the normal denim jeans for protection. Picture mentioned below.

Womens leather chaps


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