Leather Motorcycle vest

Item: Concealed carry leather jacket

Size: M, L, XL, XXL

Made in Pakistan

Organic Cow Leather Product

Delivery Lead time: depends on order

Size can be customized

Delivery across the world.

Please email if you are interested: info@leatherworld.org

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Leather vest

Leather vest is certainly a must have when you are a bike lover because when you are heavy motorcycle lover like Harley and other heavy bike then people usually prefers to wear the motorcycle vest because it gives you the cushion to face the resistance of air and you feel safe also.

We make Leather motorcycle vest which is advisable when you intend to ride the bike; Although it is difficult to wear leather vest in hot weather but it can protect your spine if you are on motorcycle. It is used for protection purpose as well as style purpose also.


leather motorcycle vest


Concealed Carry Vest

Concealed carry vest is also a vest that people wear while using motorcycles because of its extra space provided to keep your weapons for security purpose and to keep any other things also.

concealed carry vest


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