Leather skirt

Item: Concealed carry leather jacketItem: Concealed carry leather jacket
Size: M, L, XL, XXL
Made in Pakistan
Organic Cow Leather Product
Delivery Lead time: depends on order
Size can be customized
Delivery across the world.
Please email if you are interested: info@leatherworld.org

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Leather Skirt

When you are planning wear leather skirt, Although it looks fantastic but it slightly difficult to wear as its not that comforting. Itis an outstanding product if you want to look classy but make sure the size measurement is upto the mark.

It is very much advised to have faux leather material because it can pass air and thats why it can be easily used. We can make leather skirts in all sizes and in all kinds of material like the shiny material as well as the dull material too but its very much advisable to know proper sizes.

Leather skirts


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