Leather Socks

Item: Concealed carry leather jacketItem: Concealed carry leather jacket
Size: M, L, XL, XXL
Made in Pakistan

Delivery Lead time: depends on order
Size can be customized
Delivery across the world.
Please email if you are interested: info@leatherworld.org

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Waterproof socks

Waterproof socks is an extremely useful product because it has different uses. It is used for hiking, cycling, fishing and while doing work where you want to keep your feet safe from water. Leather socks is an extremely goof choice for muslims when they go for hajj.

Leather socks is a nice product made from high quality genuine leather. It is used by many people in the world for multiple uses. It is very popular among Muslims and its called khuff in Arabic Language.

If you are using this then you can protect your feet and at the same time it remains clean as well.

water proof socks


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