leather vest womens

Item: Concealed carry leather jacket

Size: M, L, XL, XXL

Made in Pakistan

Organic Cow Leather Product

Delivery Lead time: depends on order

Size can be customized

Delivery across the world.

Please email if you are interested: info@leatherworld.org

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Leather Vest Womens are made from geniune leather without any mixing. People underestimate the use of vest  but it looks so classy and elegant that too if its made from leather material. It gives a different look too. We make leather vest with best quality material.

It looks great on women also. We also make Womens leather motorcycle vest which gives too much good look to the women biker if she is fond of riding a motorcycle.

Womens biker vest must be made with so much skill as its a product  amateur can not make.

Women do prefers to wear this leather vest if they are planning to go on a heavy bike ride because this gives them protected feeling.

leather vest womens                            Womens biker vest Womens biker vest


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